July 12 2017,

"Lori is extremely a perfectionist she does what makes it looks so natural people think they were your own lashes I have known her for over 10 years she does the best Facial I have ever had and I have traveled the world thanks Lori"                        DEBORAH FITZPATRICK

May 12 2017,

"Loved my experience with Lori!!!  My lashes look amazing!!  Lady Lash Lori."                                                                         Carla Humphrey

May 11 2017,

"Loved how Lori have you all her attention and thoughts when doing a fantastic job on my lashes!"                                       Mary Seifert

May 10 2017,

"I highly recommend Lori's expertise and professionalism with skincare and waxing.  Lori is dedicated to the comfort and care of her clients at all times."                                                                                                                                                     Meredith Spillane

April 26 2017,

I have always been pleased with any service I have received.  Lori is totally professional and any product that she suggests has always been helpful."                                                                                                                                                            Trish Peddicord

March 15 2017,

Lori is amazing at doing eyelashes and is very affordable.  Best in town!"                                                                       Rosselen Castellar

March 12 2017,

"Lori is a caring professional who knows how to help your aging skin, and to give you quiet, tranquil moments in a delicious room."                                                                                                                                                                                        Mary Hamlin

March 2 2017,

Lori has the softest hands and you are so relaxed and feel so beautiful afterwards."

Kimm Knight

Debbie S.  12-1-12

"Lori Ketcham is a professional aesthetician and provides superb customer service! Definitely book your next appointment here!"

Megan L. 11-27-12

"I love Lori Ketcham! Definitely book your next appointment here! I have followed Lori for the last 5 years and have never been disappointed with her work. She is very professional and always works to give you what you are looking for in whatever service you are getting. Good Estheticians are like good OBGYNs, mechanics, and hair stylist...priceless:)"

KiKi O. 10-17-12

"I love Lori Ketcham! Definitely book your next appointment here! Lori, Thanks so much for the eyelash tint. You did an excellent job! You are very professional and I really like where your location is. Most importantly I love how you know all about how to take care of clients that do Obagi! Thanks again! Kiki"

Deborah F. 9-06-12

"SOOO HAPPPY I found you ...AGAIN!! I have been going to Lori for many years. She give all the extra ahhhhs ! Cant wait for my appt this Friday Deborah Fitzpatrick"

Chrissy B. 8-22-12

"Lori has a very gentle touch with her facials, she even gave me a neck and hand massage while waiting on treatment."